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Clarence + 

Seven years together and forever to go!

Engagement Shoot Makeover

When I met Clarence and Eileen, I knew that we were a match made in heaven. This lovely couple works in social services and as a former social service professional we had a lot in common. 

They took their engagement photos before coming to us but were not satisfied with the results because they felt they did not get the golden hour shot they intially wanted. They still said they like the photos the photographer took but their vision was not translating in the photos. 

CE First Engagement Shoot

Couple's Request

Capture the golden hour for their "Romantic Golden Hour" theme.

249193428_4541488882538908_5671913898064800211_n (1).jpg

Our Suggestion(s)

Nigerian Outfits to make Eileen's parents happy since she is not having a traditional Nigerian wedding.

Clarence & Eileen's Romantic Golden Hour
MBW Bridal

Clarence & Eileen's Romantic Golden Hour


A Cultured Experience289 (1).jpg
MBW Bridal
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